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Although I love words I never felt any particular urge to be a poet. Prose and songs were my thing. If I ever had time to write I would have preferred to be writing music. But after moving to Sowerby Bridge in 2013 and getting involved in the local arts scene, I started to have sudden flashes of inspiration when poetic phrases came into my head. At first these tended to result from looking at one of my photographs, but after a couple of years inspiration started coming from other sources too.

The Sundial
September 2013


Railway Lines
(for a disused railway)
December 2013


Metaphor for Childhood
April 2014


I Wonder Why
December 2014


Where I Walk
The first poem I read at the Puzzle Poets (with video)
October 2015


Ground Zero
My reaction to 9/11
November 2015


Magic Years
Being a teenager in the politically incorrect 1960s
December 2015


My Father's Funeral
February 2016


A musical poem
June 2016


Roget's Moonbeam
An Octolune, a verse form devised by Simon Zonenblick.
September 2016


Parallel Lines
October 2016


Are We Going Home Yet?
Childhood holiday memories
April 2017


Needle in the Quilt
A poem about Stoodley Pike
June 2017


Get In
A contradiction, inspired by Geneviève Walsh
August 2017