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As a vegan who loves life, you wouldn't expect me not to love food, would you? As far as possible (i.e. when I remember) I will list the mouthwatering recipes that I enjoy each day. In order to share my pleasure you'll have to become vegan!

The vast majority of my food is home-made; just occasionally I use a main ingredient from a package. For example, I make all my own pies, pizzas and sauces, but I don't make my own fishless fingers. I'm not a gourmet cook - my meals could best be described as homely with occasional flashes of adventure; but that's rather the point: you don't need to be an adventurous cook to enjoy vegan food.

22 Aug 2013Spaghetti Africaine (spicy peanut sauce) with a mountain of watercress
23 Aug 2013Lambless korma and spinach pakora with rice and garlic/coriander poppadums
24 Aug 2013Pizza with spinach, mushroom and artichoke topping
25 Aug 2013Cauliflower casserole (my own variant of cauliflower cheese: layered cauliflower, tomato, onion, sweet potato, black-eyed beans and Vegusto 'cheese' sauce)
26 Aug 2013Tagliatelle with leek and lentil sauce
27 Aug 2013Scrambled tofu and baked beans on toast
28 Aug 2013Black bean burrito with guacamole and apricot coleslaw
29 Aug 2013Courgette casserole (courgette, pepper, onion, peanut)
30 Aug 2013Chilli beans and rice
31 Aug 2013Tagliatelle with pesto sauce
1 Sep 2013Chickenless and mushroom pie with broccoli and potato
3 Sep 2013Stuffed pepper (onion, carrot & peanut) with rice
4 Sep 2013Spaghetti Lyonnaise - a very simple dish based on spaghetti and onion, flavoured with nutmeg and a cheese and oats topping. A friend once said it looked like a plate of sick, but my stomach is strong enough to ignore that!
21 Sep 2013After a week away on holiday and a week eating leftovers after returning, it's back to normal...
Vegan pizza
22 Sep 2013Tagliatelle with mushroom sauce
23 Sep 2013Leek and haricot casserole
24 Sep 2013Potato salad, avocado, rice and satsuma salad, tahini and kidney bean salad
26 Sep 2013Spinach and mushroom lasagne
27 Sep 2013Spinach and chickpea calzone (from the deli counter at Unicorn) with potatoes and runner beans
28 Sep 2013Stuffed pepper
29 Sep 2013Chilli beans (with a bottle of Black Isle Yellowhammer... mmm)
30 Sep 2013Sausageless roll with chips and baked beans
1 Oct 2013Spaghetti Africaine
2 Oct 2013Cauliflower casserole
3 Oct 2013Baked beans and scrambled tofu on toast
4 Oct 2013Pizza with banana, green pepper, olives, capers and cheatin' ham topping
5 Oct 2013Courgette casserole
6 Oct 2013Aubergine curry and spinach pakora
7 Oct 2013Tagliatelle with mushroom sauce
8 Oct 2013Tofuburger with potatoes and runner beans
9 Oct 2013Black bean burrito with guacamole
10 Oct 2013Spaghetti Africaine
11 Oct 2013Lentil potage
12 Oct 2013Spinach and mushroom pizza
13 Oct 2013Home-made chickenless pie
14 Oct 2013Chilli beans
15 Oct 2013Lincolnshire-style sausages with sweet potato and runner beans
16 Oct 2013Spinach & mushroom lasagne
17 Oct 2013Spaghetti Lyonnaise
18 Oct 2013

Fishless fingers with coconut sweet potato and cheeseless sauce

Also made my first-ever flapjacks: blackcurrant, ginger and pumpkin seed.

19 Oct 2013Tofu burger with potato and broccoli
20 Oct 2013Creamy Leek Croustade
21 Oct 2013Courgette Casserole
22 Oct 2013Lambless Korma and samosa
31 Oct 2013Spaghetti Africaine
1 Nov 2013Burrito with butternut squash, baked beans and spicy 'sausage' filling and guacamole
2 Nov 2013Pear and spinach pizza with apricot coleslaw (and washed down with Westons Vingage cider... mmmmm)