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The Vital Vegan was conceived by me, Alan Wrigley, as a window onto the life of an ordinary person who happens to be a vegan.

Veganism is about life, the affirmation of life, the celebration of life and the inviolability of life. I wanted to show that my own life is much like anyone else's life, except that I am vegan. I don't wear a hair shirt, I don't deny myself any pleasures, I don't dwell on death, destruction and negativity, I don't compel you to look at horrific images of abuse and torture (though I know they exist and so should you). I do enjoy my life to the full and in doing so, I allow other creatures to enjoy theirs too.

Oh, and men... eating plants doesn't make you less virile. In fact, probably quite the opposite!

My blog will cover a range of subjects that interest me. It is not specifically about veganism and vegan topics, though these will naturally crop up from time to time either as topics in their own right or where relevant to some other topic under discussion.

The photographs on this site are all part of my life and reflect my enjoyment of life.

Veganism is Vitality. Life is beautiful. Life is more beautiful when it's treasured and preserved.