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June 2019

This was planned to be part of a little multimedia project consisting of music, poem and film about a river naiad called Caliadne. The original intention was that the film should feature Caliadne playing in and beside a woodland stream but this didn't materialise. Instead I added general woodland scenes and you can see the resulting film here:

Read at the Puzzle Poets 1 July 2019

In that mystic hinterland between recall and reverie,
Between myth and memory, cradled by the gently swaying
Guardians of the dell, Caliadne dances,
Scattering your lucid dreams throughout the lustrous eddies
of dappled light, of murmured skies
Wafted ripple by ripple through zephyred leaves.

She drapes herself in chiffon voile,
Soft-focus, transcendental loveliness that draws you in
Then holds you, static, spellbound, paralysed,
Enchanted by this veiled chiaroscuro chimera.

Wisps of immortality, hints of otherworld
Filter the air that surrounds her. She is real and unreal,
A myth turned to life by the splash and the laugh,
Or a life turned to myth by the wandering heavenlight,
Now here, now gone.

She speaks the language of the stream
And sings the songs of the earth.
She breathes the karma of the trees
And guides the wayward breeze towards its resting place.
She is your conscience and your soul,
She is real and unreal, she is world and unworld.