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Parallel Lines
October 2016

Upstairs at the Blind Pig there are false bookshelves hiding doors to a secret room. While listening to poetry one evening I noticed that the tassels on the false book spines were of uneven length and thought of someone I used to know...

Read at the Puzzle Poets 7 November 2016

She sees the hang of tassel,
The curtain gaps,
The unkempt chair, the stray hair,
The misplaced book, the empty hook...

He feels the tang of hassle,
The certain gaps,
The lack of flair, the stifling air,
The miscast look, the flame that shook
And shimmered, and shouted, long extinguished.

His life is about aspiring...
Her life is about Aspirin.

He dreams of curtains yawning
Across the Hestial canyon,
United in their division;

Of spines entangled and prefaces dog-eared;

He dreams of cacophony, cascades, chimeras,
Of tassels blowing in the wind
Between the lines...
Between the lives.
Parallel lives... parallel lines.